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by Can Yalçınkaya


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“AN-KA-RA” is a zine that is part psychogeography, part autobiography, part urban design history, and multiple other fragments on things like local punk lore, Hungarian buses, and Pavyon nights. The cover of each copy is hand printed by Can Yalcinkaya. Limited in number.

"What to name this thing that I do, then? This is not an act of remembering or submerging into nostalgia. I wish to engage in a kind of autobiographical writing that identifies which of the city’s many undercurrents penetrated my thick skin and flowed through me, and that traces the ways in which urban habitation in a certain place and time made this body of mine mutate from one state into another: from an adolescent body into an adult body, from a poetic body into an academic body, from an agoraphilic body into a claustrophilic body.

What I am doing is not so much psychogeography as –
Is it… *gasp*… a perzine?"
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