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Alien Citizen

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Alien Citizen addresseses Australia’s (and by extension much of the Euro-American Anglosphere’s) burgeoning white-nationalism and the construction of racialised minorities, with a particular focus on where the narrative frame breaks down in the teeth of government abuses. Australia’s race-driven border politics brings into question how the ‘other’ (in this case the outsider, refugee and/or minority Muslim) is historically and aesthetically represented. The title comes from the work of Mae M. Ngai, who uses it to describe the modern state’s way of marking people who it deems unfit for liberal citizenship, including racial or sexual minorities.

⬤ Pages: 20 Pages

⬤ Size: 19x19 cm
⬤ Edition: 250
⬤ Year: 2022
⬤ Print: Two-colour riso printed by Glom Press (Melbourne, Australia). Red and Blue.
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